The 4 Ultimate e-tools for Digital Marketing and their advantages and disadvantages for use!

The first e-tool that is the ultimate go to for any business is…

1.) Social Media: Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat is only few of the many social media outlets that business use.

Advantages: It can be used for advertising, brand awareness, special offers, competitions and establishing a specific persona reputation. This is a great e-tool for connecting with your customers and learning more about their likes, dislikes and being able to continually innovating and improving ways to communicate with your customers and therefore improving your services by using this data and converting it into ROI, without having to invest too much monetary investment into it.

Disadvantages: It can be a challenge to find a way to convert it into a purchase or a sale, in other words, can be challenging what short-term and long-term success can be converted into a monetary form for the business, which is why it important to have goals and objectives set before starting any ad-campaign or have digital experts helping, which can mean human resources can be required, means higher costs for the company.

2.) Blogging: Such a WordPress, Tumblr etc. Which is another popular business tool in expressing your passions, from company values, building customer relationship, along with branding.

Advantages: It helps to drive traffic to your site, which is a great way to share with other Social Media outlets then and reach an audience that may not even know who you are yet. Below is a diagram, of the process it takes to build upon, from when you begin blogging and what you should be working towards and the different stages of this blog building process. It drives long-term results, including you being found in search engines, is exponentially increased, which is another great reason to consider blogging.InboundMethodology

Disadvantages: One must be committed to creating content regularly, as well as quality content. You must consider if the people you are also targeting, fit into your blogger categories, as you may be getting your views, but not getting to the people that would be potential customers. Disadvantages, can also be the fact, that researching and regularly coming up with high-quality content can be consuming and could also mean that another person may need to be employed.

3.) S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation): Is a tool that is used to increase your chances, when being searched, for targeting a specific audience, that may turn out to be new potential customers.

Advantages: Using correct keywords and being the leading search result, above all other companies to develop a more dominant role in the are of product or service you offer. Which is my many leading company hire the most knowledgeable specialists, to make sure they are the first, when it comes to their leading brand. This can dramatically increase your sales and make it very convenient and easy to find for any person looking for an even similar choice in this area. This information can also be improved by analysing data, which can then be applied again, to further increase your search and tailoring strategies.

Disadvantages: Sometimes you can become so visible, that a company may not be able to handle the amount of requests and therefore develop a reputation for letting their customers down because of, being unable to handle such high numbers of customer exposure. Other leading companies may continue to improve their competitive techniques, which means it can you having to always be one step ahead, which can be exhausting to your budget and also time consuming.

4.) Email Marketing: Is a very popular technique used to advertise a product or a service, by sending an email, usually to your customer base or potential customers, depending on customer data. Most of the time it being accompanied by a company logo, product or service to engage and sometimes even a video or a link to direct you to their website.

Advantages: Can be tailored to a particular audience, so if your data is correct and maybe the emails that are being sent to, were past customers, then this would definitely be a positive experience for the reader, as they know that they have visited your shop before and so it is applicable and they are far more likely to read your email and if satisfied by your product or service previously, to continue using your services by making further purchases.

Disadvantages: Some customers, find this technique to be invasive. Therefore can create a negative experience focused towards your business, rather than a positive one. Using previous data and tailoring particular products, that maybe similar to what they previously purchased, maybe a positive, but many find it just plain creepy and see it as an invasion of privacy. What we are saying is, that there is a thin line, between a great service and coming across as pushing it too far.

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