Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

The battle between traditional and digital marketing, has been going on for sometime, but before proceeding to who is winning this race by far, first let’s discuss the explanations for each and the foreseen advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional Marketing– Can be described as, any form of promotional campaign mediums, that are not in a digital format, such as billboards, newspapers, magazines to promote your brand or logo.

Digital Marketing- Can be described, as anything just like mentioned above, just the opposite. To promote your brand or logo, but only in all forms of digital mediums.

 Traditional Marketing’s Advantages and Disadvantages- Because traditional marketing has been around and people are accustomed to it, just like we still read newspapers, magazines and sometimes still notice billboards. The flaw in this marketing technique, that you are going for a ‘hit or a miss’ technique, which never really promises any results, but can be extremely expensive in preparing it and promoting it and there is no way in collecting data for using it to apply further strategy, which means more money and time has to be spent in order to build a survey and question people directly on whether the add was successful or not or even if they are even aware of their brand once again, which is an extremely slow moving process, as Benjamin Franklin has mentioned ”Time is money”.

Digital Marketing’s Advantages and Disadvantages- One benefit to using digital marketing is that the results are much easier to measure; and another is that a digital campaign can reach an infinite audience. It is also possible to focus your campaign to reach a local audience, but it can also be used to reach the entire globe if needs be. Digital marketing is also a far more interactive, as the audience is more receptive to information, especially if it has been targeted directly towards their needs, which is what customers want to begin with, while also collecting your data, as the process is taking place, to continue improving and developing your online experience to improve your services also. The only disadvantage is, you must have human resources, to continually monitor and alter techniques to suit customers needs, as needs be, while also moving with the online digital marketing trends also and being patient, while waiting to see results, as customer trust needs to built with good content and consistency.

Is there a realistic balance between the two?- Mixing your marketing strategies is still suggested, but before you decide to leave traditional marketing behind, one must ask themselves who is your target audience? If you can identify your customer needs to a different age group, which are still adjusted to the old mediums, then traditional is still your market. So who is the winner of this battle is uncertain, one thing for sure, having a website and being continually responsive in today’s business world is crucial, both can be used wisely and co-exist in harmony, to compliment each other, just like beans and toast!

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